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Tape Name: Pallet Stretch Film
Brand Name:  Supreme
Colour Available: Transparent/ Black 

500mm (width) x 300m (length)


2kg/ 2.4kg/ 2.7kg/ 2.8kg/ 3kg


Stretch films are made from linear low-density polyethylene resins.

Stretch film can be used to wrap and secure your products to protect them during storage or transit. When wrapped around pallets, hand and machine stretch film keeps the load stable and secure, and protects from dust, dirt and slippage.

Some of the key features includes:

- The uniform and relatively high holding force that stretch film applies to a load

- The protection from dust and damage it provides versus other unitizing methods.

- The optics that allow for customers and shippers the ability to identify the product while also keeping it clean.

- It is the most economical method of unitizing

It is very important understand the suitable specification film based on your pallet load and machine use in order to ensure your goods are palletized safely. We are able to provide you with cost saving solutions to maximize your monthly film usage.