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Tape Name: Barricade Safety Tape / Barrier Tape
Brand Name: Supreme
  Red & White / Blue & White / Green & White / Black & Yellow/ Pink

Barricades are meant to serve as a caution and a warning of the dangers that lie within the barriers. Barrier tape can come in many different colours to signify the type of danger that lies beyond it.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) regulations specify colour coding of barricade tape as follows:

  • Red / White – for fire prevention and protection of equipment
  • Black / White – for housekeeping and aisle marking
  • Magenta / Yellow – for radiation hazards
  • Green / White – for safety and first aid
  • Blue / White – for defective machinery
  • Orange / White – for traffic and caution warnings
  • Black / Yellow – for physical hazards