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Item: Sekisui Cloth Adhesive Tape
Brand Name: Sekisui (No. 600)
Colour Available: No. 600 Sekisui Cloth Tape colours
24mm x 7m
36mm x 7m
48mm x 7m
60mm x 7m
72mm x 7m
96mm x 7m
Key Features:

A self-adhesive with superior adhesive and holding strength is used on the cloth base.
This tape was first used for heavy items and exporting, but it can also be used for the protection of machines because of its thickness.

  • Sealing and packaging cardboard boxes, plastic cases, oil cans, etc.
  • Protecting the surfaces of machines and instruments from rust, humidity, and scratches. 
  • Wrapping and packing for export.

 No. 600 Sekisui Cloth tape Specs

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No. 600 Sekisui Cloth Tape SpecificationsNo. 600 Sekisui Cloth Tape